Coin Dash. A Crypto Social Trading Platform

Coin Dash is an advanced trading platform designed to give it’s users an edge when trading crypto currencies. One important aspect is that traders can follow experienced traders automatically in their trades. The benefit is that they can sit back and let others do the hard work, the down side is that traders will have good trading days and bad ones. A fee would need to be paid.

In this interview, Ram Avissar director of Marketing and Community explains more about CoinDash.

What is CoinDash?

CoinDash is a 3 tire platform for new and experienced traders.

Ram Avissar Director of Community and Marketing
  1. The first tier the platform helps you manage your portfolio and gives you yet to be seen an analysis of your performance against the market.
  2. The 2nd tier is a social trading platform that enables you among other things to follow successful traders and even copy trade them.
  3. The 3rd tier is making the entire platform to a whole market place from which the users can also execute trades on the secondary market.

What separates CoinDash from the rest of the ICOs?

Many things….here are some:

  • We already have a working product
  • We are probably the first project that its contributors are also its end users
  • We are the first to bring the social trading features we have on the platform
  • We are based in two offices simultaneously – Tel Aviv & Shanghai
  • Almost all of our team members are vastly experienced in the crypto world
The three tiers of CoinDash

What are the benefits of token holders?

Our “early birds” contributors will receive bonuses for participating in the different phases of the token sale and be rewarded accordingly. The true incentive behind every token sale is taken part in the earliest stage before the coin hits the exchanges where possibly it will be traded in higher values.

What is the status of the CoinDash product?

Regarding the product, our Beta version is already public with 2K users. CoinDash final product will be out somewhere around mid-2018 but a lot of our features are already running and can be used at the moment.

Is there a limit on the total amount of CoinDash coins?

There will be 1Billion CDTs in circulation, out of which 500 Million will be offered for sale on Monday.

How will CoinDash attract top talent to trade on its platform?

With a lot of PR and marketing work…We are also setting coins aside among others for new users acquisition and possible some CDT to start with upon opening an account. Soon after the sale, we will start our grand portfolio management tournament with accumulated prize of 1.5 Million coins to be handed to the best performing users and we are sure this will get our name up and running.

What are the pros and cons of social trading?

Pros – you can see others and gain information when you personally don’t have it
It can save you a lot of trouble and time doing that research. It gives you the opportunity to share your performance and gain fees from doing so. It adds competition aspect to the whole thing which is also nice

Cons – can think of just 1 which is manipulations on small markets which we are well prepared to and have a way to cancel.

How does a social network add value to a trading platform?

Trading is something very social, every trader loves to kiss and tell…there are many models of valued social trading platforms of the stock markets.

Why the success criteria of CoinDash, and how will CoinDash achieve them?

  • Having a strong community and many users – we are very community oriented and engaged dozens of times now with major community events. We have a very rewarding bounty system.
  • Having great team – we are picking only the best in the field.
  • Having great advisors – Same as above!

What is the ICO bonus structure?

  • First day bonus – 30%
  • First week bonus – 20%
  • Second week bonus – 10%
  • Rest of the Token Sale period bonus – 0%



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We thank Ram Avissar for the interview.