A Winning Formula: The Team Behind StepChain

Atlas Group is a private equity firm that has been in the world of technology for over 20 years. The firm has successfully been investing in businesses at different stages of their growth: seed capital, venture and development capital in the tech industry; with a special interest in the blockchain revolution, cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

Founded by Jean-Michel Alfieri, who serves as its current President; and Philippe Bednarek who serves as its Chairman. With a degree in Political Science, Jean-Michel co-founded this diversified financial investment organization in 1994. Also, Mr. Alfieri works as the Chairman of the online marketing agency Digital based in the UAE and he is the Co-Founder and President of GoldFinX based in Singapore, a fintech company that raises funds through its ICOs to provide working capital to goldmines.

As Atlas Group’s representative, Jean-Michel currently sits on the board of 14 companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia and has participated in more than 20 M&A deals over the last 2 decades from seed funding to IPO including the sale and purchase of companies in America, Europe, and Asia.

Philippe Bednarek graduated from the University of Aix-Marseille in Public Law and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Law from the same university. He co-founded the private equity firm Atlas Group of Companies with Mr. Alfieri. Within the Atlas Group, Philippe’s main appointments include CEO of GoldFinX, CEO of Atlas Finance a private investment firm; and director of the Atlas Interactive Group specializing in value-added telecommunications.

This dynamic duo has gathered quite the experience over the years, leading international teams that have a deep understanding of global financial trends and practices, leading the Atlas Group of Companies into a successful business capable of implementing financial solutions and financing options; which include cryptocurrency models and trading in digital currencies.

Furthermore, throughout the years Philippe and Jean-Michel have met with talented young entrepreneurs who are innovating in the tech sector to share the experience with them. This is precisely why the Atlas Group of Companies focuses a great part of its efforts into ensuring investment on high potential innovative companies, strategically finding prospects with excellent proof of concept and strong historical revenue growth.

But no matter how good your idea is if the right team is not behind it to make it happen, then most likely the entire project will fail.

This reasoning led to the managing team to seek experts in different areas to develop the best possible product. With a deep understanding of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market, the Atlas Group of Companies has developed StepChain: a revolutionary and responsible fitness app that offers rewards in exchange for your steps count. Based on the data extracted from the pedometer and phone accelerometer, users obtain great rewards that can be exchanged for goods and services from the fitness and sports industry, with specific discounts or even allowing users to make charitable donations with the rewards earned.

For this task, the company has Alexandre Rigaud who serves as the Chief Blockchain Officer and Co-Founder of StepChain. Alexandre has been a computer expert and coder since his early teens and speaks five languages fluently. With a Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business / Innovation and Entrepreneurship major, Alexandre is an expert in the Blockchain environment. This tech-savvy individual designs and develops rich technical experiences, creative dynamic solutions, and unique content to improve the Blockchain Industry. At Twenty-four years, Alexandre is also a University Professor and a Public Speaker in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. He is a speaker at Google’s MENA HQ as well as in various blockchain events and conferences in the region. He is a member of the UAE Ministry of Youth’s “Youth Council” and president of the Dubai French Community Club for Youth.

Behind StepChain, there’s an incredibly talented team working towards the success of the company. With great experience and knowledge of digital content and apps development and distribution, the rest of the team offers a unique approach to the word business. Each one of its members focuses on different targets to drive the company towards success.

The Team behind StepChain offers vast experience in different sectors, ensuring the success of the company through the development of different areas. This company is led by experts with great knowledge in business administration, blockchain technology, marketing, and the cryptocurrency market, driving the company towards success. Every company or project needs to have a strong and experienced team behind, which will make it more possible for the company to eventually be successful; especially when competing with other well-established brands in the tech and fitness industries.

If you wish to know more about StepChain, please visit their website.