HydroMiner Launches Affiliate Program, 10% Bonus Ends On Wednesday 8th Nov


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There has been a lot of buzz recently about HydroMiner in the cryptocurrency world. The Austrian company entered the market with a unique proposition to utilize green energy to mine cryptocurrencies.

We have been covering HydroMiner’s evolution since its launch, and we reported, for example, on how its pre-ICO offering sold out in a record 36 minutes, setting a new record.

HydroMiner uses water-powered mining rigs to carry out currency mining operations. And it has a big card in its favor. The company obtains 1 kWh of electricity at around 3.5c, which is decidedly lower than the European average price. This low price enables HydroMiner to perform intensive mining at an affordable price.

So HydroMiner is on an upward trend right now. It is currently in the third week of its ICO, offering a 10% bonus to those who wish to participate.

What this effectively means is that anyone who purchases H20 tokens during the ongoing ICO will receive an extra 10% up to 10 am on Wednesday, November 8. During ICO’s week 4, the bonus will be reduced to 5%.

And this week HydroMiner launched another initiative. If you like HydroMiner, why not tell your friends? If you do, you may get rewarded handsomely with HydroMiner’s affiliate program. Not only will you earn 5% of the contributions you refer, you also have a chance to win one of three brand new iPhone X phones. Check out the program here: https://www.hydrominer.org/affiliates/

Tokens purchased during the ICO can be redeemed for mining time, starting in February 2018. It is worth highlighting that those who avail of the ICO will receive the same bonus level when they purchase tokens later on, up to the amount of their contribution.

Remember, the 10% bonus will end in a short time, so if you are interested and excited about HydroMiner’s value proposition, now is the time to buy a stake on this project. You can join today here: HydroMiner.org