HydroMiner Token Sale Starts October 18th


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HydroMiner Token Sale Starts October 18th 2017

After a successful pre-sale that raised 1,500 ETH in just 36 minutes, HydroMiner is starting its public token sale on October 18th, 2017, at 10.00 UTC (12.00 Central European Time).

Since their successful pre-sale, HydroMiner have fine-tuned their token sale model to ensure compliance with all relevant Austrian legal regulations. They are currently incorporating as Limited Liability Company in Austria.

“We are happy to have found a capable legal partner in Dr. Oliver Völkel of the Stadler Völkel law firm. ICOs are unchartered territory and it is difficult to navigate the landscape of regulations and legal and tax frameworks. It’s important for us and our community to have the token sale stand on solid legal ground” said Nadine Damblon, CEO of HydroMiner.

Hydro Miner 

Cryptocurrency mining is done on computers, these consume electricity and in return perform mining work. If this electricity is generated in carbon fuel power stations, C02 and other noxious fumes are generated polluting the air.

Hydro miner is offering a green crypto mining solution, their electricity is green because it is created by computers using Hydroelectricity.

Hydro miner will tokenize mining assets by launching an ICO (initial coin offering)


What is Hydro Miner?

Hydro miner is the company that is issuing H20 tokens; these tokens represent watts which power GPU miners. Those miners are then set to mine the cryptocurrencies. Special calculators determine which coin is the most profitable to mine.

Hydro miner rents out power stations powered by lakes and rivers in the Alps, these mini power stations then power computer mining farms.

The low cost of electricity, promises that Hydro miner will become one of the best performing mining services compared to the rest of the market.

What are the ICO details?

Hydro Miner’s ICO will start next Tue, October 3rd, 2017 at 11:00 am GMT at hydrominer.org.

The bonus structure will be as follows.
● 20% – 1st week
● 15% – 2nd week
● 10% – 3rd week
● 5% – 4th week

What is the price of H20 token at ICO?

Token Exchange Rate: 1 H2O = 0.01 ETH
Token Pre-Sale Price: 1 H2O = 0.003 ETH

Hydro Miner ICO Price
First Week: 1 H2O = 0.008 ETH
Second Week: 1 H2O = 0.0085 ETH
Third Week: 1 H2O = 0.009 ETH
Fourth Week: 1 H2O = 0.0095 ETH
Fifth Week: 1 H2O = 0.01 ETH
Unsold Token: Continuous Sale After ICO
Accepted Currencies: ETH

Token Usage: Each coin represents 1 watt of mining power and grants the rights to the net proceeds of one watt of mining revenue.

Why is HydroMiner better than other Cloud Mining contracts?

There are several mining contract providers, some examples can be found here: https://www.coinstaker.com/bitcoin-cloud-mining. These contracts sell a hash rate rather than watts, this means that as the hash rate on a cryptocurrency network increases the returns decreases. The efficiency of mining gear decreases as the returns decrease as well.The watt system is fairer and clearer to the purchaser.

For more information please visit: HydroMiner.org