Passive Income From Cryptocurrency Projects.

How to earn Bitcoin.

Earning a passive income from Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency based  projects is possible. However, when you do so, your capital is at risk. Regulation is limited, risk is high and scammers abound in this space. Invest with diligence and caution!

The main categories of passive income systems are:


Lend the money and an interest paid for the risking your capital.

Dividend like schemes / Royalty Fees / Share of Profits.

In this process, the capital is part of a business model which generates an income. This income is distributed to the capital holders. One could say this is similar to dividends.

Capital Ganis

Some crypto projects do not pay dividends but instead buy back their own shares with the profits made.

Mining / Staking  / FED power

Cryptocurrencies have a different kind of central bank and transaction processing system. When one is part of this system, an income can be generated.

Work for Crypto

Sell your time and expertise for Cryptocurrency.


Risking one’s capital in ventures for a return. Holding a cryptocurrency is in itself as an investment. FIAT currency is maintained “stable” by the Central Bank in order to maintain price stability this is not the case in cryptocurrency.

Some investments are managed like TaaS and BlockChain Capital others like ICONOMI and Prism are Passive.

In addition to these ideas make sure you check out our masternode investment idea list.

NameDescriptionCoinEst. KnowledgeType
MagnrInterest AccountBTCBasicInterest
HaoBTCInterest AccountBTCBasicInterest
BSaveInterest AccountBTCBasicInterest
btcpopInterest AccountBTCBasicInterest
POSW Term DepositsStaking WalletPOSWBasicInterest
GUD Term DespositsGulden Term DepositsGUDBasicInterest
CryptopiaCryptocurrency ExchangeDOTBasicInterest
IconomiInvestment platformICNMediumCapital Gains
TaasInvestment FundTaasMediumDividends
BtcpopEquityMixMediumEquity Crowd Funding
Viva coinCryptoCurrencyVivaBasicStaking
Viva CrownCryptoCurrencyVivaFED power
EthLanceFreelance PortalETHMediumFreelancing
CryptogrindFreelance PortalBTCBasicFreelancing
Coin TaskerFreelance PortalBTCBasicFreelancing
EthGigsFreelance PortalETHMediumFreelancing
EthBitsEarn money from exchange feesETHMediumDividends
E4RowEtherum based games and appsE4RMediumDividends
PeerPlaysDecentralised gaming platformMixMediumDividends
MobileGoMobile Gaming PlatformETHMediumCapital Gains
SONMFog ComputerSNMMediumShare of Profits
OGCGold backed TokenOGCMediumShare of Transaction fees
dCorpVenture CapitalDRPMediumShare of Profits
GeoFoundersSoftware HouseGUNSMediumShare of Profits
vDicevDicevDiceMediumHouse Share
MoancoCryptocurrency cardMCOMediumRoyalty Fees
Genesis miningMining
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ICOsEquityMixHighCapital Gains
BNK to the futureManaged ICOsBTCBasicEquity Crowd Funding
TradingOn ExchangesMixHighCapital Gains
RialtoArbitrage fundETHMediumDividends

Do you have more ideas? List them in the comments please 🙂