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AppFactor, Streamlining Legacy Enterprise App Migration To The Cloud

AppFactor automates legacy enterprise app migration to the cloud. Solve technical debt and modernize applications for efficient migration. Learn more now!

Cisco Announces Acquisition Of Splunk For $28 Billion

Cisco's surprise $28B acquisition of Splunk marks a strategic shift for the company. The deal aims to enhance security threat analysis and data management, offering immense value to stockholders. Pending regulatory approval, the deal is expected to close by Q3 next year.

Waabi And Uber Freight Announce Strategic Partnership For Autonomous Trucking

Waabi and Uber Freight announce a strategic partnership for autonomous trucking, accelerating the adoption of self-driving technology and optimizing network efficiency.

Clika, Accelerating AI Models With Their Compression Engine

Make AI models faster and more efficient with Clika's compression engine. Reduce compute power consumption and improve inferencing speed. Find out how Clika's toolkit can optimize AI models without sacrificing performance. Get an edge in the AI industry.

Roblox Acquires Speechly, Enhancing Voice Moderation For Gaming Communities

Roblox Acquires Speechly: Enhancing Voice Moderation for Gaming Communities. Learn how this acquisition aims to create a safe and engaging environment by revolutionizing voice chat moderation in the gaming world.
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