Coin Tasker: Earn Bitcoin By Micro Tasking.

Interview with Jason Dorian, Owner, Developer, and Admin of Coin Tasker.

What problem is Coin Tasker addressing?

Coin Tasker addresses a number of problems. First and foremost, Coin Tasker provides the opportunity for anybody anywhere to claim free Bitcoins. We have found that Coin Tasker is very popular among users all around the world who do not have the means necessary to purchase Bitcoin. Coin Tasker allows these people a reliable way to get started with Bitcoin and provides an easy way for them to get their first Bitcoin deposit in their wallet without the use of a credit card or cash.

Coin Tasker also provides a fun, like minded cryptocurrency community that allows users to share ideas, opinions, and other strategies for earning Bitcoin. The more active a user is in the Coin Tasker community, the more free Bitcoin they earn. Coin Tasker offers generous Bitcoin bonuses for users remaining active in the community for simple tasks like daily logins, making new friends, publishing new posts, liking others posts, and a whole lot more!

What is the scale of the problem?

Based on the rapid growth of the Coin Tasker community, we have determined that the scale of the problem is relatively large. Bitcoin is still a new idea, and cryptocurrencies, in general, have seen a fairly slow adoption rate when we look at the issue across the world. In many countries, citizens have absolutely no way to purchase Bitcoin, even if they have cash. In most areas of the world, anyone interested in purchasing Bitcoin must have a credit card to do so, and even then it can be very difficult to obtain. Coin Tasker effectively solves this problem by making Bitcoin easily accessible to everyone, no matter where they or what resources they have.

How does Coin Tasker solve this challenge?

Coin Tasker solves this problem by partnering with over 25 different advertising networks, each of which have thousands of micro tasks users can complete for free Bitcoin. Examples of these micro tasks include things like watching short videos, downloading mobile apps, completing surveys, viewing websites, trial offers and so much more. Additionally, as mentioned before, Coin Tasker offers members awesome Bitcoin bonuses simply for remaining an active member. Members are in no way obligated to complete any micro tasks in order to get their free Bitcoin. They simply need to be active in the community, participate in discussions and make new friends in order to get their free Bitcoin.

Can you showcase some team members/advisors which have a strong background?

One important thing that is often overlooked by the average Coin Tasker member is that the entire website/community is managed by one person, me. I am the sole admin and I have spent countless hours building and managing this community simply because I love Bitcoin and I want to help build the Bitcoin community and do my part to make it an adopted currency worldwide. So when it comes to showcasing a team member with a strong background that would have to be me I guess.

Does Coin Tasker have any strategic partnerships?

Yes absolutely. Coin Tasker has partnered with more than 25 highly reputable advertising networks to bring our members’ more micro tasks than any other Bitcoin earning website. We’ve been building these partnerships since our inception in 2013 and as we continue to grow, we continue to build our partnerships with more and more networks. A list of just a few of our partnerships can be found on our Giant Task Wall.

Can you describe Coin Tasker in numbers?

Yes, absolutely. when we look purely at the numbers, it’s easy to see how large the Coin Tasker community is and why it remains so popular.

  • Coin Tasker currently has over 44,000 active members who have completed over 1.1 million micro tasks.
  • Coin Task has also paid out it’s members more than 14 BTC with a current value of more than $61,000. These stats are updated in real time on our home page. As mentioned previously,
  • Coin tasker has partnered with more than 25 different advertising networks, each with more than 1,000 exclusive micro tasks, making Coin Tasker the largest Bitcoin earning website offering by far the most micro tasks among all websites.
  • Coin Tasker is also the #1 overall ranked website on Trust Pilot in the Cashback category, with over 207 reviews and a TrustScore of 9.7/10.
  • It’s also the #1 overall ranked Free Bitcoins website on BitTrust and is featured as the #3 overall Bitcoin website in the world.
  • CoinJabber also lists Coin Tasker as the #1 overall Bitcoin Earning website and also features us in their top 10 overall Bitcoin websites in the world as well. One thing is for sure, the numbers don’t lie.

What are the three key benefits for those providing tasks?

Our task providers experience a number of benefits. First, our task providers find that working with Coin Tasker allows them a unique niche audience to bring their micro tasks to life.

There is not a lot of website like Coin Tasker so our partners love having an audience dedicated strictly to Bitcoin for them to provide their micro tasks to. Secondly, our task providers have found that the Coin Tasker admin (me), is actively working to maintain a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship, combatting fraud and maintain a healthy user base. Most of our partners are very pleased with the low level of fraud from our members, which is the result of my hard work at manually reviewing withdrawals and banning members with a history of fraud. Last, but certainly not least, our task providers find that they make more money with Coin Tasker because our payout rates give the majority of our earnings through task completions back to our members. When we offer higher payout rates, members are more motivated to complete more tasks, and everyone benefits. Coin Tasker wasn’t created as a means for me to make money, but instead was created to spread the wealth and help users find reliable ways to access Bitcoin. We offer very competitive payout rates that simply allow us to afford our management and hosting costs, while the rest of our earnings go directly to our members.

What are the most popular tasks with users and with task providers?

I would say our PPC tasks are very popular at the moment, as are our video tasks. Sometimes I am a little surprised that our mobile app install tasks are not as popular, because they are so easy to complete and offer relatively high payouts, but I do think many members simply haven’t discovered that yet. So if you are reading this and considering registering, don’t forget to check each of our partners for their mobile tasks. Our most popular task providers currently include Peanut Labs, Trial Pay, AdGate Media, Adscend Media, and AdWork Media.

How does Coin Tasker combat fraud?

Coin Tasker takes a very serious and very active stance on combatting fraud. I personally manually review every single withdrawal request, and if I notice any suspicious activity or if the member has completed any high risk tasks (tasks with high rates of reversal), I am forced to put that withdrawal on hold for 30 days until our task providers can run those tasks through their fraud department. If I find that a member has a history of fraudulent behavior, they are banned from the website forever. First offenders generally get a second chance if I just see one or two fraudulent tasks, but beyond that, I have absolutely zero tolerance for fraud. I also maintain very close relationships with my account managers from each of our partners and we discuss the current state of my member base, working on ways to lower fraud and improve completion rates.

What earnings should users expect?

This is difficult to answer, because earning opportunities truly are unlimited and the amount that any member earns is directly related to the effort they put in and what tasks they are willing to complete. For instance, we have had many members earn the minimum to withdraw simply by being an active member of the community and earning from daily logins, status updates, making new friends, etc. But, those members experience a much longer process than members who are willing to complete surveys, download mobile apps, trial offers and any other higher paying tasks. It is not unheard of for some members to earn up to .3 BTC, but the earning potential is truly unlimited.

How can Coin Tasker users maximize their earnings?

Coin Tasker users can maximize their earnings in a couple ways. First and foremost, users should log in every day for a 10 bit daily login bonus. Additionally, they should be actively making new friends, posting status updates, and liking others posts to get those bonuses as well. Besides making an effort to remain an active member of the community, users should thoroughly review each task wall and find tasks they enjoy doing. Our most underrated tasks are typically the mobile downloads. Most users don’t realize that the majority of our task walls include very simple and relatively high paying mobile download tasks, which typically only require the user to install the app on their phone and open it in order to receive free Bitcoin. After receiving the credits, the user can remove the app from their mobile device and move on to the next task. Some of these easy mobile tasks can payout over 200 bits per download. Additionally, we have recently partnered with Peanut Labs, which is the largest and highest paying online survey provider, offering some tasks with more than 2,000 bits per task completion. Lastly, users can maximize their earnings with our Watch Videos for Bitcoins platform hosted by With our Watch Videos for Bitcoins platform, users can stream trailers, movie reviews, how to videos and a whole lot more in the background or even while they sleep to constantly earn unlimited Bitcoins. Our videos platform is highly underrated because most users aren’t aware that they can simply set it and forget it while they continually earn Bitcoins passively.

Are there any restrictions on who can use the site?

Yes, unfortunately, there are some limitations. While we have worked hard to ensure Coin Tasker is available to users in every country across the world in order to make sure anyone and everyone can earn free Bitcoin with the Coin Tasker platform, we do require that members must be 18 years old and above OR 13 years to 18 years old with parental permission

Would you like to add any further info?

Yes, I’d like to thank the IvestItIn team for taking the time to interview me and feature Coin Tasker on your website. I am very grateful to have built a community worthy of a full feature interview on your website and I appreciate the time and effort you and your team have put in to make this happen. THANK YOU!


We thank Jason Dorian, Owner, Developer, and Admin of Coin Tasker for the interview.