Robo Advisors In Europe

Robo Advisors EU
Robo Advisors EU

Robo-Advisors are platforms that help you automate investing. Each platform is different, but they have a common objective, take out the emotional part of your investment decisions. Each platform has something unique to offer, and you need to do your own research. In order to jump start your research, I have done some initial finger work for you on Europan based robo-investing. The information is fresh from December 2016, if you are visiting this page later, please do double check with the sites themselves.

You will first find a list of the robot advisors available in Europe and the UK, after the list you will find a test decription of each of the robo advisors in Europe.

Name Fees ETFS vs. Stocks Country of Residence Minimum Investment
Cashboard 10% of annual earnings ETF’s Germany 100 €
Easy Folio ~0.95% per annum ETF’s Germany 100 €
Easyvest 1.00% < 25,000€

0.90% < 50,000€

0.75% < 100,000€

0.60% < 250,000€

0.50% > 250,000€

ETF’s Belgium 5,000€
ETFmatic 0.5% per annum ETF’s United Kingdom 100 £
Feel Capital 15 € / month ETF’s Spain N/A
Fiver a Day 0.25% on initial deposit


0.34% per annum management fee

ETF’s United Kingdom None
Fundshop 9 € / month ETF’s French N/A
Ginmon 0.39% per annum

10% of earnings

ETF’s Germany 1,000 €
Growney 0.99% <10,000 €

0.69% < 50,000 €

0.29% >50,000 €

ETF’s Germany None
Indexa Capital 0.45% per annum ETF’s Spain 1,000€
Marie Quantier 2.90-17.90 € per quarter

5% of annual earnings

ETF’s France 5,000€
Money on Toast 69 £ per appointment N/A United Kingdom N/A
Nutmeg 0.95% per annum ETF’s United Kingdom 500 £ initial

100 £ recurring

Pritle 0.5% per annum ETF’s Netherlands 10 €
Quirion 0.48% – No Coach

0.88% – With Coach

ETF’s Germany 10,000 €
Scalable Capital 0.75% per annum ETF’s Germany None
Swanest N/A ETF’s United Kingdom N/A
True Wealth 0.5% management fee ETF’s Switzerland 8,500 CHF
Vaamo 0.79% per annum ETF’s Germany None
Wealth Horizon 0.25% on initial deposit


0.75% per annum management fee


0.18% fund charges

ETF’s United Kingdom None
Wealthify 0.7% < 10,000 £

0.6% < 250,000 £

0.5% > 250,000 £

ETF’s United Kingdom 250£
Whitebox 0.95% < 30,000 €

0.85% > 30,000 €

0.75% > 50,000 €

ETF’s Germany 5,000 €
Yomoni 1.6 % per annum ETF’s France 1000 €


List of all Robo Advisors based in the Europe Union.

Fiver a Day ( – Fiver a Day positions themselves as the best alternative for those that are fed up with being ripped off by banks. No more hidden fees or surprise charges. You pay a deposit fee and management fee, and then they manage your money. This service should appeal to anyone who is fed up with expensive, poor service.

Nutmeg ( – Nutmeg is the UK’s first online discretionary management company, and their value proposition is based on eliminating all the things you hate about your investment brokerage. No more charging a premium for a personal relationship with your broker that you don’t need or want, and no more confusing benchmarks.

True Wealth ( – The premier Swiss roboadvisor, True Wealth keeps things simple while maximizing your returns. They even allow you to test them out with your own personal virtual test account, which doubles as a great way to determine your risk profile based on how you handle the fluctuations in the value of your assets.

Wealth Horizon ( – This is a combination of the best of both worlds. You get the simplicity and cost of a robo-advisor, but will also get the advice you need to manage your financials prudently. Wealth Horizon sees themselves as filling a gap in the marketplace and helping people best prepare for retirement.

ETFmatic ( – ETFmatic operates throughout Europe and was founded based on the realization that the reason Spanish banks were so profitable was because they were charging consumers insanely high margins. By removing those margins and eliminating any conflicts of interest, ETFmatic has established themselves as a great low-cost alternative to the average investment broker.

Growney ( – Based in Germany, Growney is founded around three values: simplicity, integrity and expertise. Using their experience in capital markets and research, the Growney team has worked hard to provide customers with a platform that is easy to use, and also has no hidden costs.

Indexa Capital ( – Built for anyone in Spain who is frustrated with the high fees that cut into the profitability of their investments, Indexa Capital boasts a cut of 81% from the average fees a Spanish investor would pay. Any new customer takes a survey to determine their risk tolerance, deposits their money, and then relaxes as their money grows under Indexa’s management.

Marie Quantier ( – This French roboadvisor gives customers access to Wall Street services, but at a much lower cost. The service starts at 2.90 € per quarter, and if you want additional services like a downside calculator or macroeconomic analysis, then you can pay 17.90 € per quarter and receive those updates from Mari Quantier.

Scalable Capital ( – Scalable Capital invests across seven asset classes to give you a portfolio that is diversified and gives you lower-risk than any portfolio you’ve had before. By constantly adjusting to the macroeconomic climate, you know that you are ready for any investment scenario, thanks to this German robo-advisor.

Swanest ( – Swanest is a British start-up that is still in the Beta stages. Right now they offer investment advice and tell you what portfolio they would put you in, but they currently cannot invest your money.

Cashboard ( – Cashboard is a German robo-advisor that only charges you when they make you money. No more paying advisors to lose you money, and feeling like you would have been better off if you’d just kept all your cash in a bank account. Cashboard only makes money when you make money, so you know there are no conflicts of interest.

Easy Folio ( – By offering several different risk options, Easy Folio lets you feel like you are in control while still handling all the granular details of investing that you don’t want to learn about. The value of this service is that it allows you to build a portfolio of ETF’s without having a large amount of capital.

Easyvest ( – Founded based on the idea that all Belgians were being done a disservice by the investment industry and the unfair payment structure, Easyvest is designed to provide a better approach to investments for everyone. By using the research of Harry Markowitz, the software designs a suitable portfolio for investors, but at a much lower cost.

Feel Capital ( –  Feel Capital allows you to aggregate all of your investment needs into one service. By providing you with weekly updates and monitoring all your investments, Feel Capital helps you stay informed about how your investments are performing and how you could be doing better.

Fundshop ( – Fundshop specializes in helping you build a diverse portfolio. Using one of their approved brokers, they import your portfolio and help you choose the right ETF’s to maximize your return while minimizing risk. It should be noted that the only minimum investment with Fundshop is the minimum that each ETF requires.

Ginmon ( – Ginmon is designed to make good decisions in times where you wouldn’t. What this means is that the software knows how to diversify in a way that is anti-cyclical and not overly influenced by large fluctuations in different asset classes.

Money on Toast ( – This is an advisory service, which is different from a robo advisor. Money on Toast does not manage your money, but they do give you high-level, professional advice that allows you to make great decisions with it. This is possible because of the software they have built out that helps streamline the process of an appointment.

Quirion ( – The success of Quirion is based on the idea that it is impossible to call the performance of an individual stock, but very achievable to beat the market by properly diversifying and rebalancing. One key insight is that you don’t just need higher returns do do better – you also need lower costs.

Vaamo ( – Vaamo is another service out of Germany that runs based on a high level of trust. The company only makes money when you make money, which eliminates all conflicts of interest, and tells you that Vaamo is working for you, not for themselves.

Wealthify ( – Wealthify uses all the essential principles of passive investing, such as rebalancing, tax loss harvesting and worldwide diversification, to make sure your investments are performing at their best.

Whitebox ( – Whitebox constantly monitors your portfolio and keeps two major points in mind. First, being passive will save you money on fees. Second, you need to actively diversify out of any position you are losing too much money in.

Yomoni ( – Yomoni offers money management in a way that is slightly different from most companies. You open your life insurance plan with them and contribute to that on a monthly basis, and they help make sure the plan performs well and you are taken care of. This is the most tax-efficient way to manage your money.

Pritle ( – Originally meant for Dutch consumers, Pritle is preparing to expand to all of Europe in the coming year. Their service is reliable and trustworthy, which is exactly what a wealth management professional should be.