Serenity: CFD Brokers + Cryptocurrency Exchanges Under 1 Single Platform

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Interview with Anton Vasin and co-founder of  Serenity project.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Anton Vasin and I am a co-founder of SERENITY project. I have more than 11 years of experience in management roles in the Forex industry. For several years I have been managing a department that hedges risks for other brokers. Now my colleagues and I are developing a new project called Serenity, which will get rid of the many issues Forex market faces every day – the non-transparency, fraudulent brokers and many others.

How will the world change after the Serenity platform is live?

By employing blockchain technology, Serenity dramatically improves one of the most scandalous sides of the financial industry — Forex trading. Forex will finally become high tech and modern, with exact rules, transparent, where traders from any country will be able to receive equal terms and guarantees. SERENITY will change public view on all OTC markets by providing maximum transparency.

The main idea of Serenity platform is to prevent fraud on a Foreign exchange market using blockchain technology, moving foreign exchange industry into the new paradigm.
There are few important features you should know about our platform:

We unite CFD brokers and Cryptocurrency exchanges under one single platform. Our idea behind that is to push the market to evolve, creating a standardized blockchain-based environment with equal conditions and requirements.

Transparency is one of the strong sides of the project. All trading history is recorded using transparent blockchain-based technology, preventing any chance of fraud from the broker’s side.

Protection- our clients are protected even if they are using foreign or offshore brokers (we insure the return of the initial deposit)

Trust issues- our platform solves the problem of client trust for small and emerging brokers and generates an enormous flow of customers for this broker.

KYC – under serenity platform a client can pass a KYC procedure only once to trade with hundreds of brokers.

Liquidity- we will provide small brokers with liquidity increasing the quality of their services.

Why do traders and brokers need arbitration?

There are a lot of fraud in the foreign exchange market and not a single regulatory body that can draw a distinctly line between “good” and “bad” brokers. For example, there are no laws which allow traders from India, who trade with a Russian broker, to submit a claim and get their money back. This is where our platform comes handy, Serenity can do all those things above! in addition, it is not restrained by any jurisdictions thanks to blockchain technology.
We will improve the situation in the foreign exchange market by our platform, creating transparency and security for traders around the world.

Why do brokers need liquidity?

To hedge client risks. Liquidity is an ability of a broker to pass the trades onto the market. Only brokers who “play” against their clients can work without liquidity. If a broker is honest, liquidity is a necessity, otherwise they will take huge losses paying off client’s gains with their own funds.

What kind of brokers will be plugged into the Serenity marketplace?

Now there are more than 6 000 brokers that work with MetaTrader platform — all of them are our potential clients. 90% of them don’t have any licenses mainly because it is extremely expensive and often unaffordable for brokers. That is why Serenity will give brokers a reputation,client trust and will help to attract larger players. All in all, we are of interest for any broker, including licensed ones, because we provide a unique space for attracting clients and protection of clients.

What are the benefits for the token holders?

Tokens can be used to pay all platform fees and receive return on the investment during ICO.

The clients will have to use internal tokens (SERENITY TOKEN) to pay for 50% to 100% of the company’s services. Pre-ICO dates are 15th-30th of November. Token price — 0.1 ETH. Early bird discount is 50%. The company also allocates half of all earnings for support of the token liquidity on the exchange.

How will Serenity facilitate the integration between Brokers and the Serenity platform?

We will provide free technical functionality, for which they are already paying today. We will also develop a turnkey solution for the integration.

Who is the team behind Serenity financial and what relevant expertise do they bring to the project?

The project is being developed with the help from UpTrader, a software development company that has extensive experience in creating technology for brokerages and its partner Grand Capital, a broker with a turnover of $4,7 billion. Our partners also include B2Broker, Tools 4 broker and Verify My Trade that have been working in the forex technology field for an extensive period of time. The team consists of experts in brokerage software development and provision of services for traders. The team knows the industry from inside out and understands how the problems can be solved in terms of technology, while pushing the market to develop further.

At what stage of development is the software that powers Serenity in?

At the moment there is the internal software, which needs to be integrated into the platform — the client personal account — from registration feature to deposit and withdrawal of funds. Trade verification system is already working and allows to check trades placed with any broker.

First the project will employ Ethereum-based blockchain. After the estimation of transaction quality and the required resources to record the data in blockchain is completed, the project will develop a custom blockchain in 2018.

What is the structure of the ICO? (Bonuses, Dates, Market Cap)

Pre-ICO will run from the 15th to the 30th of November, ICO dates will be announced later.

Pre-ICO token discount will range from 10% to 50%.

Our Soft cap is $2M

Hard cap is $19M – this amount is needed to do all technical and legal work, including KYC, custom blockchain, provision of liquidity for brokers.

$84M is the amount needed to develop the hedge fund. It is required to make sure all orders will be executed on exchanges.

We don’t put it in the hard cap as right now our target is the complete platform development. But if the project raises more, we will start building the hedge fund right away.

What are the requirements to participate in the ICO?

Citizens of all countries except China can participate in the ICO, while only qualified investors from the US can enter.

What are the pros and cons for the token holders?

First of all, it is a real project. It will be developed, many market players are interested in it. There is a great team and there is an understanding how the technical part will be done. We already have the prototype and some functionality of the project, which needs to be brought together and completed with blockchain.

All that confirms that token holders that entered during the Pre-ICO, when the tokens will be sold at a 50% discount, will benefit. Besides, the project and the token is done the way that Forex market players will constantly need it, that is why the demand will be high.

Will there be a pre-ico?

Pre-ICO will run between the 15th and the 30th of November.

What is the price of the pre-ico and the price of the ico?

At the moment of sell tokens will cost 0.1ETH.
Pre-ICO discount is 50%. During ICO the discount will range from 10% to 40%.

How many tokens will be issued?

  • ICO will run in one stage, the total amount of tokens to be issued is 3 500 000.
  • 12% will be given to the team
  • 3% will be given to the users.

Is there a cap on the ICO?

Soft cap – 2 M USD

In which jurisdiction is the company incorporated?

European Union, Estonia

How is the project balancing the interests of the token holders and the shareholders?

The company accepts payment for the services in tokens and fiat. Everyone will be able to purchase tokens on an exchange, while used tokens are destroyed. Tokens can be used to pay 50% to 100% of the company services, thus we always support token liquidity and make a profit at the same time.

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