BitClave: Search For Products Or Services And Get Paid For It.

Bitclave is a platform being developed that will enable sellers and buyers to connect more easily. All parties within the ecosystem are rewarded in CAT for their participation. Users will be able to search for Products or Services and Get Paid for It through a decentralised search system.

In this interview, Alex Bessonov, explains more about bitclave.

What challenge is CAT solving and how?

BitClave is busy building a more transparent and meaningful way for people and businesses to engage in value creation. One of the primary innovations that BitClave is focusing on is a
distributed blockchain-based search app called the BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE).
BASE enables direct customer-to-business interactions with no need for intermediaries.

Where is the company incorporated?

BitClave is headquartered in Mountain View, California and registered in Singapore.

Alex Bessonov

What are the services that middlemen provide in the advertising industry and who will provide them in the CAT ecosystem?

Middlemen in the traditional advertising model act as (1) data miners, (2) content publishers,
and (3) analytics service providers.

In the BitClave ecosystem, businesses and customers themselves act as data miner by
contributing data to the ledger instead of gifting personal data and retail to middlemen.
Content publishing is not an essential feature in this ecosystem although businesses may
leverage publishers as a platform for delivery of promotional offers.

Analytics services are provided by third parties who develop smart contracts that bundle a
payment plan with access to a given analytics tool.

Analytics enable targeted and cost efficient ads, these are important for both customers
and sellers.

How will the data be transformed into actionable information?

Protected data maybe stored in a number of places. The key consideration is that this data is
stored in such a way that it is associated with ledger entry (i.e., data is attributable to data
contributors). The cryptographic data payload enforces access and use control and are bound
to smart contract conditions. Users control their data–choosing from controls that allow such
options as monetization, restricted access, or Pseudonymization.

What kind of adverts will advertisers be able to deploy on CAT?

BASE is not an advertising platform, per se, but a promotions and offers platform. The network facilitates good lead generation. Businesses offer smart contracted promotions directly to users.

Customers search and earn. That being said, entities within the ecosystem may offer a variety
of support services that can track and integrate with off-network resources such as web traffic.

For example, adverts may offer advertising campaigns such as CPA and CPM programs
defined in terms of a number of tokens given per search and facilitated by smart contract.

How will adverts publishers be incentivised to take part in the ecosystem?

Although content publishing is not a key feature in this ecosystem, businesses may find certain paid publishing platforms as good mediums for customer onboarding and registration. So advertisement publishers may offer their services in much the same way as any entity offers services in the ecosystem and are incentivized to do so through payments from a business.

Is the CAT block chain/software already in development? What Stage is it in?

Yes. The CAT blockchain is in alpha development phase with a rollout that will include core
network features as well business case specific services.

When will the first MVP be published?

The first version will be available by the end of August beginning of September

What kind of block chain will CAT use?


What are they key advantages of CAT over BAT (Basic Attention token)?

Beyond having similar sounding acronyms and services related to online advertisements there is very little that is similar between the Basic Attention Token ( BAT) and the Consumer Activity Token (CAT).

The BAT rewards users for looking at ads (and publishers for getting users to spend more time looking at ads). That is, a BAT is proxy measurement for retail activity and thus incentivizes a chain of activities not necessarily indicative of meaningful connections between buyer and seller. Unlike Brave, BitClave users are incentivized to participate in sharing lead-generating activity to the ecosystem — not to look at advertisements.

What is the utility of the CAT Token?

CAT enables consumers to accrue value through lead generating retail activity while
maintaining control over personal information. This value can be used to redeem services and
merchandise from the companies that are part of the BASE. CAT also provides a direct channel for business to build meaningful brand relations with their customers and for support services to monetize optimization.

When will the Crowd Sale start?

The token distribution date is to be determined but the discount token pre-sale date is July 25th. More details on our fundraising efforts can be found at: 

What is the structure of the Crowd Sale?

Pre-Sale, 50% discount before soft cap 35% discount after soft cap for the following 48 hours

Token distribution details can be found at


Where can the reader find more information?

We thank Alex Bessonov for the interview.