Discover the power of a growth mindset for aspiring entrepreneurs in "From Zero to Hero" by Matt Ainsworth. Embrace challenges, bounce back from setbacks, and continuously expand knowledge for long-term success.
Discover how Klaviyo, a Boston-based email marketing firm, defends its strong late-stage 2021 valuation in its IPO. Can it match its impressive $9.5 billion post-money valuation? Learn more about the challenges and potential for success in the IPO market.
Find out how RapiPay, a fintech startup, achieved impressive revenue growth of Rs 440 Cr in FY23, but also faced a surge in losses. Explore their financial performance, banking solutions, and introduction of the super app NYE. Get insights into their expenses, cost analysis, and challenges. Read more at Fintrackr.
Learn the five key takeaways from Instacart's S-1 filing, including its fundraising history, IPO anticipation, order volume, revenue growth, and scale as a private company. Find out why Instacart is a standout player in the grocery delivery market.
PhonePe, backed by Walmart, enters the stock broking segment with its new app, Share.Market. Offering trading accounts and investment options, PhonePe aims to revolutionize the industry and compete with Zerodha, Paytm, Groww, and Upstox. Exciting times ahead for PhonePe's venture!
Bird Acquires Spin Scooters from Tier for $19M. Bird's acquisition of Spin aims to expand its market share, gain access to Spin's fleet of 60,000 vehicles, and improve financial performance.
Joby Aviation plans to build an air taxi production plant in Ohio, investing up to $500 million. This move signals a significant milestone in their journey towards revolutionizing urban air mobility. Get ready to embrace the future of transportation in Ohio! #JobyAviation #airtaxi #urbanairmobility
Discover the 5 key trends in VC funding for pre-seed startups. Learn how to navigate the landscape and secure funding in an increasingly cautious market.
Exostellar, a cloud spend optimization startup, raises $15M in Series A led by Celesta and Cambium Capital. Learn how their software optimizes cloud spend and reduces infrastructure costs. Maximize your cloud infrastructure utilization while minimizing unnecessary expenses.
Serving up innovation, Serve Robotics is set to go public in a reverse merger with Patricia Acquisition Corp. This milestone signals a bright future for the autonomous sidewalk delivery robot startup, backed by $56 million in funding and notable investors like Uber and Nvidia. With plans to expand into new markets and scale up their fleet, Serve Robotics is revolutionizing the delivery industry with their cutting-edge technology. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity!
Discover how Dell for Startups is giving a boost to Australian startups with its new program. Get startup-focused IT advice, funding assistance, member discounts, and networking opportunities to overcome obstacles and thrive. Join Dell for Startups today!
Discover how Viome, a microbiome startup, secured $86.5M in Series C funding. Learn how their AI technology and RNA sequencing enables personalized health solutions and their partnership with CVS. Find out how Viome plans to expand and revolutionize the field of microbiome research.
Discover how Revel, the Spanish car subscription startup, secured $123M in funding to expand its innovative lease agreement model and revolutionize car ownership.
Hero MotoCorp increases stake in Ather Energy with a $66.5 million investment, signaling their commitment to the booming electric vehicle market in India. Find out more about this exciting partnership.
VanMoof, the e-bike startup, is acquired by Lavoie for 'tens of millions' of euros. Lavoie plans to invest in the brand, relaunch the business, and tap into VanMoof's loyal customer base and innovative design. A surprising and strategic move for both companies.
The right treasury management strategy can extend your startup’s runway. Learn how to optimize cash flow, safeguard funds, and find investment opportunities.
Zopa reaches 1 million customers & secures $93M funding. With a focus on loans, savings & innovative services, Zopa thrives in the financial industry. Exciting developments ahead!
Former Figma COO, Eric Wittman, takes the helm as CEO of VSCO. With his extensive experience and aligned strategic vision, VSCO's growth is set to soar under his leadership.
Discover the fascinating world of Significant Objects, where storytelling transforms thrift-store treasures. This literary experiment showcases the power of narrative in redefining an object's worth. Explore the collection of stories by renowned authors like Meg Cabot and William Gibson, and uncover the astonishing auction results that prove the influence of storytelling on perceived value. Dive into the captivating narratives behind once-overlooked objects and stay connected with the project's latest news and updates. Don't miss out on this immersive exploration of the relationship between storytelling and object value.
Discover the cautionary tale of WeWork's struggle, once valued at $47B but now grappling with doubts about its future. Explore the challenges, financial struggles, and potential solutions as remote work becomes the norm and demand for co-working spaces declines. Learn about the company's plan to improve liquidity and profitability and the efforts required to stay afloat in a changing business landscape.
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