Dragon Chain: A Proprietary Blockchain And Smart Contract Platform

Interview with Joe Roets founder of DragonChain.

What is Dragon Chain?

DragonChain is a turnkey blockchain platform for business.

What has Dragon Chain been used for?

Joe Roets

DragonChain was initially developed in 2015 and over 20 use cases and applications were explored and documented publicly VIA the W3C Blockchain Community Group including identity systems, ticketing, decentralized storage, processing, and computing, and much more. See our use cases. https://dragonchain.github.io/blockchain-use-cases

Which organisations have used Dragon Chain successfully?

DragonChain was developed in 2015 and 2016 at Disney’s Seattle offices as the Disney private blockchain.

Who are the key competitors of Dragon Chain?

Since DragonChain is a proprietary blockchain platform, our key competitors would be other blockchain platforms and incubators.

What are the Key Differences between Dragon Chain smart contracts and Ethereum smart contracts?

Dragonchain smart contracts run in a trusted context such that sensitive business data and business logic are not exposed to the network.
There are also multiple types of smart contracts in Dragonchain.

  • Transaction smart contract – captures business logic for transaction approve/deny
  • Broadcast receipt smart contract – allows user to execute code when transactions reach specific level of consensus.
  • Subscription smart contract – allows user to execute code against subscribed transactions/data feed from another node.
  • Cron/scheduled smart contract – allows user to schedule recurring or timed execution of business logic.
  • Library smart contract – allows a node to expose or use reusable utility smart contracts.

What edge does Dragon chain have when compared to other competing BlockChains?

The DragonChain platform utilizes serverless architecture to enable to enable simple and powerful scaling, and allows developers to code in Python, Java, Node, or C+. The platform is also currency agnostic, so users of the DragonChain platform can build applications with out without a currency, or even with multiple currencies. There will also be an incubator and a marketplace for new projects built on the DragonChain platform.

What is the utility of the Dragon Chain token?

Dragons can be used for access to any part of the DragonChain platform, such as spinning up a node, accessing advanced smart contract libraries, access to incubated projects, and early/discounted access to incubated project tokens.

What is the role of nodes in Dragon Chain?

The user can control level of decentralization of business nodes. The main incentive is in L1 to run smart contracts for their business,¬†however, regarding L2-L5, it’s either to improve their own security or to compete with other nodes to provide that security for the rest of the network.

What is the ICO price of dragon coins?

The price of Dragons will be set by the market and tokens will be distributed directly proportional to the amount contributed. For example, if you contribute 1 BTC and the total raised during the crowdsale is 10 BTC, you would receive 1/10th of the tokens allotted for the public sale.

What are the start and end dates of the ICO?

October 2nd 2017 – November 2nd 2017

What are the economics of the coin?

Dragonchain has a fixed supply of Dragons and is theoretically neither inflationary or deflationary. In real life though, users can be expected to lose their Dragons so it will likely be somewhat deflationary.

We do have a solution to that loss, but could not include it in the model due to legal and regulatory reasons. We expect to offer that capability in a sidechain built atop Dragonchain in the future.

For more information please visit: https://dragonchain.com/

We thank Joe Roets for the interview