KickCity Review: Get Rewarded For Doing What YouLove

Interview with KickCity.

What challenge is KickCity addressing?

We believe Blockchain will be a big part of humanity’s future. Most people will have multiple facets of their life touche by this technology. What is missing tis the  lack of a community which supports and teaches and trains people about the benefits, advantages and risks of blockchain. KickCity, will address this challenge by creating a Facebook-focused primarily on blockchain technology, project., events etc

What is the scale of this challenge?

The internet version one, was the internet of information. People exchanged freely information between each other. TCP/IP was the foundation of this exchange of information. The internet version 2 is the internet of value, the internet of money. What tcp/ip is to the internet of information blockchain is to the internet of value. The Value Web will allow the creation of interactions between smart software people anywhere and anytime.

How does KickCity turn this challenge into an opportunity?

We strongly believe in incentives, humans will create value when the right incentives are set.

KickCity is building a community in which the best contributors are rewarded for their value and insights into Blockchains. The Kickcity project is a hybrid between Facebook, Slack and Telegram it will reward community creators for their content with smart tokens.

Can you showcase some team members/advisors which have a strong background? What is their connection with this particular KickCity?

We are lucky to have a great advisory board that consist of celebrities, Blockchain and event industry professionals. Full list you can find at

Some of our advisors:

  • Eric Benz — Managing Director at Cryptopay.An experienced Fin-Tech and Blockchain expert
  • Sebastian Stupurac — Project & Product at WINGS DAO.
  • Jeremy Epstein -CEO of Never Stop Marketing with 20 years of international marketing experience.
  • Geoffrey Weli-Wosu – Project Lead at Domineum.

Does KickCity have a viable product at this time?

Yes, KickCity has a community-based Event Platform on Blockchain which exists for 2 years and generates revenue:

KickCity has also apps for Android and iOS.

What is the status or this product?


What is the structure of the ICO? (Bonuses, Dates, Market Cap)

Pre-Sale has started on 4th of October,  for early investors we offer huge 40 % bonus.

Token Price: 3,000 KCY = 1 ETH, with 40% at Pre-Sale you will get 4,200 KCY.

ICO dates: 26/10-26/11, Cap: 12,5 Million USD.

What are the requirements to participate in the ICO?

We accept BTC and ETH. Minimum investment is 0.003 ETH

What are the pros and cons for the token holders?

KCY-tokens are smart standard ERC20 tokens which implement Bancor protocols.

Benefits of Smart Tokens:

  • Continuous Liquidity
  • No Extra Fees
  • No Spread
  • Lower Volatility

What is the price of the pre-ico and the price of the ico?

There is a bonus of 40 % at Pre-ICO. Token Price at ICO: 1 ETH – 3,000 KCY

How many tokens will be issued?

We will create 500 Million KCY tokens. 160 Million KICK tokens will be sold during crowd sale and all unsold tokens will be destroyed.

Is there a cap on the ICO?

ICO cap – 12,5 Million USD

In which jurisdiction is the KickCity incorporated?


For more information please visit:

We thank KickCity for the interview.