NousPlatform: A CryptoFund Platform

Interview with  Andrey Vorobyovski CMO of NousPlatfrom

How does NousPlatform facilitate the creation and management of crypto funds?

NousPlatform is utilizing the templates of smart contracts to establish and manage decentralized funds on the blockchain. The key features of the platform are the ability to issue tokens for the open-ended fund in the equivalent of the total capitalization. For the close-ended funds platform facilitate the issuance of the tokens that sequentially listed and traded as ETF. The best performing funds will have the best chance to attract the most investors registered on the platform.

Will the NousPlatform team create funds or indexes themselves on the platform? Can you already share some information on this?

No! NousPlatform team will not. However, our partners are planning to launch a Cryptocurrency fund and a Real Estate Fund

At what stage are the Crypto fund contracts in?

Demo version and MVP

What is the role of Bancor in the NousPlatform? What advantages does it bring and why?

The Bancor protocol is utilized to reserve any ERC20 tokens to receive NOUS Tokens.

Will fund managers be vetted before being allowed to created funds on NousPlatforms?

Yes. There will be a very diligent vetting process for any entity creating a Fund

What is the cost to create a fund?

The cost depends on multiple factors such as complexity of the compliance, entity structure, complexity of the legal agreements and many more factors.

What are the facilities that NousPlatform will offer to fund managers in terms of trading engines?

NousPlatform will not offer any trading engines to the Fund managers. Managers are free to use any trading platforms of their choice.

What type of assets will the crypto funds be able to hold for example (ERC20, Cryptocurrency, Precious metals, real estate)?

Any cryptocurrencies and any tokenized assets.

NousPlatform will support both Open-ended Investment crypto Fund and Close-ended Investment crypto Fund what is the difference between the two?

Close-ended funds have only one round of funding after which the fund will create a specified number of tokens. Inversely an open-ended fund will issue as many tokens as there are funds being invested.

How will the regulatory aspects of these funds be tackled will this be managed by the NousPlatform or the registrants? Will the crypto funds be able to release dividends through the platform?

NousPlatform Compliance will be handled by NousPlatform. Funds’ compliance will be the responsibility of the Fund and verified by NousPlatform.

How can fund managers set their fees on the NousPlatform, can you give us a few examples?

Acquisition fees, liquidation fees, managing fees, performance fees, and the commission will be an integral part of the Smart contract.

In which jurisdiction is the company incorporated?

Scotland, UK

How is the project balancing the interests of the token holders and the shareholders?

70% of the NOUS tokens will be controlled by the backer. And only 20% of the NOUS tokens will be awarded to the shareholders. All NousPlatform retained tokens will be locked for the first 4 months, and will be vested over a period of 20 months total, 5% every month. For the total vesting period of 24 months

Will the project be audited and will the audit reports be fully published?

Yes, the project will be audited as we are making every effort to make it as transparent as possible.

How important is KYC/AML for NousPlatform?

Extremely Important. NousPlatform is striving to become the most compliant and transparent platform for the Investors and the Investment Funds with the highest level of trust.

Which currency can investors use to participate in the funds hosted on NousPlatform?

NOUS token.

What analytics will be available to the users?

We use our protocol to create snapshots of verified wallets of the investment funds and record those in the blockchain. That creates transparent and accurate data for statistics. Then the system analyzes this data and establishes a rating list based on the fund’s performance

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We thank  Andrey Vorobyovski CMO of NousPlatfrom.