Top 6 Influencer Marketing Tools To Get You Started

Influencer Marketing Tools

This is the decade of influencer marketing. If your growing venture hasn’t yet incorporated influencer marketing in its operations, or worse, heard of this new and fast-growing customer acquisition method, you ought to assess your marketing strategies. Influencer marketing growth and its success have surpassed expectations. Email marketing and, significantly, influencer marketing is potent and efficient marketing strategies. As a result, business owners, regardless of the size of their enterprise, must capitalize on such, especially in this eCommerce era, to propel to scalable heights. 

It’s even better for startups who don’t have vast online experience. Capitalizing on online influencers will increase your brand’s social media awareness, consequently expanding your outreach. 

Hiring content creators to push your brand will enhance your startup’s engagements in several sectors. And it shouldn’t rest at that. Incorporating the right tools to connect with your influencer marketing campaign will give you an upper edge against your competitors, optimize your ROI and, in general, execute a perfect influencer campaign.

Nevertheless, choosing the perfect tools isn’t a walk in the park. It can be tricky, with several, almost similar, and some ineffective software flooding the market. So, to make your influencer marketing program seamless and productive, we researched and tested the most pervasive and affluent tools in the current market. The following are our top pics: 

Top 6 Influencer Marketing Tools To Get You Started

The perfect tools will drive and shape your influencer marketing campaign from the onset until the end. They will help you figure out the type of branded content that aligns with your niche, pinpoint which influencers are suitable for the project, ensure you can track, coordinate, keep up and manage them and ultimately, analyze your campaign results.


Upfluence, or as we like to put it, the jack of all trades among influencer marketing tools, is a prevalent and powerful influencer platform with a vast database of over three million content creators’ profiles. In addition, Upfluence is comprehensive, offering a vast pool of features. Nonetheless, the most intriguing attribute is the influencer search and discovery engine. 

Although Upfluence doesn’t offer a free version, or rather a free trial, it’s a worthwhile investment to upgrade your marketing strategy. First, by searching various keywords, ranging from your niche to your preferred target audience, you can seamlessly match your ideal influencers. Then, gradually, you can drill down the keywords to narrow the pool. 

Even better, especially for Instagram, you can refine the search using location to find influencers near you. Also, your search results are categorized into groups based on follower size. Upfluence is suitable for most social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest. 


The primary objective of Buzzstream is to help brands build relationships with influencers. Therefore, this is an ideal influencer marketing tool for startups and SMEs interested in the relationship-building process. 

Note that building a mutually favorable relationship with content creators will go a long way in determining your path in influencer marketing. Also, they will be personally motivated to give more attention to your brand. Consequently, their followers will resonate more with your content. 

Buzzstream specializes in maintaining contact information, profiles, and chat history between firms and content creators they have worked with. Additionally, it’s affordable and allows users to create outreach emails with templates.


Buzzsumo, a freemium product, enables brands to search for influencers in any location or category. Using their one-month free trial version, you can evaluate if it’s the perfect influencer marketing tool to ace your marketing strategy. There is no doubt it will fit your model. 

Buzzsumo allows brands to search for influencers by sorting from reach, affluence, and engagements to find content creators that align with their target audience. Not to mention it enables users to search by niche, displaying the most shared topics on social media. Also, you can search for the most popular content on social media through this tool. Even better, it allows you to search for the kind of content that’s working well with your competitors. 

The most enticing feature of Buzzsumo is the ability to view individuals with the most shared content. From this, you can seek, evaluate and follow your ideal influencers. There are various ways you can sort the perfect content creators on most social media platforms that fit your niche. 

It might take time before you fully comprehend how Buzzsumo operates, but the good thing is you can capitalize on the free trial version to set yourself ready. 

Post For Rent

Yet another influencer marketing tool offering comprehensive features to handle your campaign from the beginning to the end. With notable clients such as Coca-Cola, HBO, Nike, and Sony, Post For Rent using their in-house tech will help your brand discover your ideal influencers, regardless of their type ( nano, micro, macro or mega ) that fit your marketing goals. 

Post For Rent offers a variety of features which include: 

  • Search for influencers and match you with those fitting your niche. 
  • They manage negotiations and payments with the influencers.
  • Monitoring your team’s performances. 
  • Dashboard for seamless communications. 
  • They offer expert consultation and advice to better your campaign. 

Also, it’s compatible with pervasive social media platforms and standalone blogs. 


Shoutcart is the ideal marketplace for Instagram users. Also, individuals can buy shoutouts from influencers on Twitter. Ideally, you can search for influencers using keywords or various filters such as niche, demographics, location, number of followers, and their activity time. Then, you can add your preferred content creators to your cart and pay the advertised fee. Pretty simple right? From there on, you can share the content with the influencers to push. 

There are a variety of influencers in every niche. Also, you get to choose whether influencers should share your content via Instagram posts, bio links, or Twitter posts. 


Pitchbox allows brands to discover content creators within their niche in a short duration. This influencer outreach and content marketing tool offers lucrative features such as customizable email templates, automated workflows, and reports for your whole campaign. Considering that it’s possible to customize email outreach with Pitchbox, it’s an ideal influencer marketing tool to create brand awareness for your entity. Finally, their customer service is top-notch, and they have received favorable reviews online. However, their pricing ranges, and it would be best to contact them individually for a comprehensive report.

Final Thought

There are a plethora of influencer marketing tools out there. We have just highlighted the top 6 influencer marketing tools to get you started. Settling for software that aligns with your marketing strategy, goals, lies within your budget, has the multiple features you require and is user-friendly will go a long way in ensuring your influencer marketing campaign is productive and optimal.