Amazon Execs Secure Funding For Seattle’s Griptape AI App Startup

Looking to advance your business with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) applications? Look no further than Griptape, a Seattle-based startup founded by Amazon veterans. Griptape is committed to equipping enterprises with secure tools for AI application development. With their open-source Python framework and cloud platform, Griptape leads the way in helping companies harness AI’s power while safeguarding data. In this article, we’ll explore Griptape’s background, innovative offerings, recent funding, founders and team, enterprise AI app development challenges, competition with tech giants, an alternative solution, and insights from their GeekWire coverage. Let’s delve into how Griptape is revolutionizing AI app development!


Founded by former Amazon employees Kyle Roche and Vasily Vasinov, Griptape was born from their tech industry expertise and passion for AI. They aim to address enterprise AI application development challenges.

Overview of Griptape

Griptape focuses on providing a Python framework and cloud platform for AI application development. Their tools enable enterprises to create large language models securely, including conversational, copilot, and autonomous agents. Currently in private preview, Griptape is committed to perfecting its platform before widespread availability.


Griptape recently secured significant funding, raising $12.5 million in a round that included investors like Fuse, Crosslink Capital, Range Ventures, Peterson Ventures, and Acequia Capital. This follows a $2 million pre-seed round in May.

Founders and Team

Griptape’s success is attributed to co-founders Kyle Roche and Vasily Vasinov, both with extensive experience. Kyle Roche, the CEO, brings eight years from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Vasinov, the CTO, gained knowledge from his time at IoT startup 2lemetry, acquired by Amazon in 2015. Chief Product Officer Derek Pai, a former principal product manager at AWS, adds to the talented team of around 12 employees.

Enterprise AI App Development Challenges

One significant challenge in enterprise AI app development is data vulnerability. Griptape understands the importance of controlling data access and privacy when using generative AI models. By offering robust security controls, Griptape empowers enterprises to leverage AI securely.

Competition with Tech Giants

Griptape competes with tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. These companies are integrating large language models into various applications. Griptape distinguishes itself as an enterprise-grade alternative, prioritizing data security and addressing AI app development challenges.

LangChain as an Alternative

Another alternative worth mentioning is LangChain, a platform for building large language model apps. However, concerns exist about its enterprise readiness. Griptape positions itself as a secure and reliable alternative, providing tools to develop AI applications while addressing data security concerns.

GeekWire Startup Coverage

Griptape’s innovative offerings have garnered attention from GeekWire, a prominent tech news source. GeekWire’s coverage emphasizes Griptape’s data security commitment and potential to shape AI app development’s future.


Griptape, founded by Amazon veterans, is transforming AI app development. With their Python framework and cloud platform, they empower enterprises to create secure AI applications. Backed by recent funding, a skilled team, data security focus, and recognition from GeekWire, Griptape is poised to lead AI application development. If you’re looking to leverage AI for your enterprise, Griptape is your trusted partner.