Discover Mila's partnership with KPI Mining Solutions, leveraging AI to efficiently capture critical minerals in the mining sector. Promising implications for mining efficiency and environmental impact reduction.
Discover how Viome, a microbiome startup, secured $86.5M in Series C funding. Learn how their AI technology and RNA sequencing enables personalized health solutions and their partnership with CVS. Find out how Viome plans to expand and revolutionize the field of microbiome research.
True Anomaly obtains regulatory permits for first spacecraft reconnaissance mission, enabling imaging and in-space rendezvous operations. Major milestones achieved in space technology industry.
Harness more power than standard solar panels with PV-leaf. This groundbreaking invention generates electricity and produces freshwater using nature-inspired design. With over 10% increased efficiency, it holds promise in accelerating the global energy transition and addressing energy and freshwater demands.
Explore the Review of the Acronym x Asus ROG RMT02, a computer that defies traditional design. Blending fashion and technology, this work of art pushes boundaries and challenges the status quo. With impressive performance and nostalgic appeal, it demands attention. Is it for you?
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